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We had so much fun! Felt like a rock star! Everyone was so helpful! We trusted everything that was suggested and the finished portraits were so amazing. It was perfect! ---Callie Anne Arras

Excellent photo session! Bob is wonderful to work with and we appreciate him being adaptable to our ideas.-- Sue Plauche (Reid)

I loved it! Mr. Freeman was incredibly sweet and fun to work with . Making our final selection for purchase was a breeze, with the help of the studio staff.-- Amanda Erickson

Scott's experience during his photo session was great. Service was excellent. My experience in making my final selection for purchase was wonderful!-- Monique Bower

I found it surprisingly very fun and easy as an experience. The session was very relaxing and enjoyable, which is just the way I wanted it to be. -- Drew Armenta

Alonzo's photo session was relaxed; Bob took a real interest in him which made for a more relaxed session. The selection process was excellent, and not rushed.-- Lori Barraza

It was a very comfortable environment. I really enjoyed seeing the proofs and was very happy with their variety. I felt the final pictures really reflected my personality well. ---Mary Weidman

It was great! Bob was terrific with Lee and he got Lee to smile like I want to see him! Not only will I cherish the photos, but Lee will too in about 25 years! ---Cindy Rohrbough

I had soooo much fun! Everything was great, and I had tons of choices. I wouldn't change anything at all about my senior pictures...everything was great! ---Rachel Euhus

I am very impressed by Mr. Freeman's expertise in the studio and behind thecamera. He made some wonderful pictures of my family and I am very happywith several of them. Overall, I would rate this experience A++. --- Rick Dyson

I found the environment friendly and relaxing. Bob was both helpful and friendly during my session, and I had lots of poses to choose from. Everything really was great! ---Jayme Maxwell

Bob, you did a wonderful job with Jacob. He is a handsome boy but your skill captured it on film. I loved how your online photo website was so easy and convenient! ---Barb Hill

My poses were unique and fit my personality...I never felt uncomfortable or "posed." It was fun and relaxing. Bob was nice, easy to talk to, and let me play my own music. I loved my experience. ---Meredith Harton

My session was easy and comfortable. For someone who does not enjoy having his picture taken, it was an enjoyable was top notch. ---Collin Hansen

It was more fun than I was expecting. The environment was friendly and relaxing, and I had lots of poses to choose from. Bob made me want to come back for more. ---John Evans

I had lots of fun working with Bob. The Garth Brooks tunes were really a blast! The session was fun and relaxing for sure! I had lots of variety in my pictures. Thanks a lot! ---Brad Neathery

The pre-portrait information was very helpful, and I felt prepared for my session. I had lots of choices, and the session was so relaxed. ---Sara Bethune

Bob does a great job. After using him for our daughter's senior pictures, I had an easy decision to use him again for Harrison. ---Betsy Montgomery